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Climate change is a reality and for the Western Cape in South Africa this means temperatures are increasing, rainfall is decreasing, and soil health suffers. We have to plan and adapt now to ensure the longevity of our estate, its people and our wines.

In alignment with the Mackenzie family, owners of the estate since 1986, our Cellar Master, Carl Schultz, who has long been a passionate advocate of working with nature, has overseen many of the regenerative agriculture projects implemented to harness and protect the natural resources since he joined Hartenberg in 1994.

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We are a family-owned wine estate in Stellenbosch offering beautifully crafted wines, delicious lunches and picnics featuring local seasonal produce, tours of our underground cellar and pristine walking trails through 60 hectares of conserved wetlands.


A Regenerative Morning at Hartenberg

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.
– Albert Einstein

On Thursday, 18 May 2023, the Hartenberg team welcomed media, influencers and wine industry stakeholders to the estate for a first-hand experience of our pioneering work in Regenerative Viticulture.

Despite a chill in the Autumn air, guests were excited to set out on an adventure into the vineyards on the back of a tractor. They were accompanied by Cellar Master Carl Schultz, viticulturist Wilhelm Joubert as well as James Browne, husband of co-owner Tanya and representative of the Mackenzie family, owners of the estate since 1986.

We were fortunate to enjoy clear blue skies and sunshine, in the wake of a rainy day or two preceding the event.