Doorkeeper Chardonnay (unwooded) | 2023

An enticing bouquet of ripe fig, juicy pear, and vibrant Cape gooseberry, layered with delicate hints of elderflower and a subtle chalky minerality. On the palate, flavours of brisk tea leaves and zesty lemon intertwine harmoniously with succulent peach. A touch of nettles adds a lively herbal complexity to the wine’s profile, resulting in a balanced and invigorating experience that lingers elegantly on the finish.


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Current Vintage

Doorkeeper Chardonnay 2023

About Doorkeeper Chardonnay

An expression of what Hartenberg Estate is able to do with Chardonnay in a younger, modern and upfront wine style, fermented in stainless steel, sans wood. The Chardonnay fruit includes younger parcels of the grape which are wonderfully expressive and offer earlier accessibility.

The label displays the original doorkeep (handle) on the historic doors of the Hartenberg underground facility, where the wine is matured prior to bottling. The facility was built after the auction purchase of a side door from the Castle of Good Hope that needed a home. There is also a hidden/unspoken symbolism that the Doorkeeper Chardonnay gate keeps for the triumvirate of other Chardonnays in the Hartenberg portfolio.

Food match

Lemon chicken, sushi, white fish