Riesling Noble Late Harvest | 2020

A bouquet of intense honey with crisp lemon and aromatic tropical fruit. Medium-bodied on the palate with distinctive candied orange peel and caramelised citrus. The fresh acidity allows for a uncloying minerality followed by an elegant, long finish.


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About Hartenberg Noble Late Harvest

The grapes were hand-picked at daybreak.  Picking was done berry by berry, carefully, only selecting berries with Botrytis fungus.  The grapes were gently crushed, de-stemmed and underwent 12 hours of skin contact at low temperatures and occasional stirring.  Pressing followed and entailed very slow and gentle fractional pressing.  The juice was fermented using a yeast selected in Austria.  Fermentation was stopped through chilling, to gain the required sugar / acid balance.  The wine was stabilised & filtered before bottling.  The wine was bottle matured for two years prior to release.